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Still Basic
Waxing Poetic Philosophy
By Rose Rutkowski Posted in Uncategorized on February 9, 2022 0 Comments
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as I’m beginning to understand,

is the divine practice

of tapping into collective conscious,

to recognize the common links

that nurture our spirits into being.

My spiritual awakening, after my mom died,

became a path of enlightenment.

No, I don’t understand everything in the world,

but if there’s one thing I do understand:

It is addiction

My vision quest was not in a desert.

Not an island.

Not a barren land,

with ticks, coyotes, and the spirits of nature.

My vision quest was in a hospital,

surrounded by people.

Good people!

People the world cast off,

because they were sick,

because they were different.

Because most of them were addicts.

Including myself.

Shamanism isn’t about saving anyone.

It isn’t ceremony.

It isn’t ritual.

It isn’t prayer.

These are tools.

Shamanism is understanding.

It’s understanding yourself well enough,

that what you do,

reflects that deep connection to self.

It is inspiring others,

Not because you are perfect,

But because through all:

you persevere.


is nothing more,

or less,

than exemplifying hope.

I pray, one day, I might

understand fully,

what it means to do so.

For now, I’m content to have learned

the definition.


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