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Still Basic

Waxing Poetic Philosophy

SHAMANISM, as I’m beginning to understand, is the divine practice of tapping into collective conscious, to recognize the common links that nurture our spirits into being. My spiritual awakening, after my mom died, became a path of enlightenment. No, I don’t understand everything in the world, but if there’s one thing I do understand: It […]

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Nuckin' Futts

My Trip to the Nut House Pt. 2

The ambulance ride was a little nuts. Honestly, though it took over an hour to get there, it felt like about ten minutes. All I did was listen to my music and sing, while I hugged a bear and stared out the back window.  My attending EMT was named Jeremy, and when I told him […]

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Meant to Be

A Poem

A dead tree Cannot breathe Chi A dead tree Cannot paint The sky with Rainbows A dead tree Will rot Decay And each day A dead tree Will still be In one form  Or another But a dead tree Can never see What it was meant To be ReachingMajestic Free

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I Spent a Week in a Nut House

And I Found Things. 

I spent a week in a mental hospital: This is what I learned.  Like most average American’s, the picture in my head, when I thought of a mental hospital, was that of soft walls, sad and angry zombies walking around, avoiding the zombies in straight jackets. Doctors with large glasses, demanding recognition of ones own […]

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A Tree of My Own

Someday I want a tree.  Not like, I want to plant a tree. Or I want to name one after myself. I mean I want a tree. A big fat oak tree that I find. That I love. That speaks to me as clearly as my haven tree does. And I want to build my […]

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Finding the Light

A Gentle Upswing from Manic Depression

Today is not going to last forever. Today is a good day. Surprisingly, for the first time in months, I haven’t been able to pick out a few moments of pure joy to focus on. My day has been pure-joy, scattered with moments to watch float away, as I release them and soak in the […]

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It's a poem about the f*cking moon, idk anymore. 

The moon smiled; it was almost time. She stretched and flexed, laying down closer to the horizon for her best, most delicious angle. Any second. She could almost feel the warmth before he crested. She shuddered in anticipation. Slowly, so agonizingly slowly, the first tendrils of his rays peaked over the mountains to the east. […]

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Overcoming Bipolar-2

Coping Mechanisms for Hypomania and Depression

I live with and deal quite effectively with multiple mental illnesses. One of them is Bipolar-2 which means that I experience hypo-manic episodes (an increase in activity and productivity accompanied by an overwhelming sensation of not knowing when to shut-the-fuck-up, and some minor impulse control problems.) This is followed by a longer and more aggressive […]

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And How to Get Through Them

There are days when you wake up and magic courses through your fingertips. Days when your soul feels warm and your heart feels glad to be alive. Days when you wake ready to fill your universe with as much love and light as possible. And then there are Todays. Today you don’t feel like Magic. […]

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Dreams That Speak to the Sad Girl

A Poem

Dusk. A cliff. Below: clouds, a river of them Flowing between The valley of my heart. The sun sunk beneath The red cotton wisps. Is this A river of blood Or the river of souls? I’m turning. Turning. A whirlwind unpinned and flipped Inside out. behind these irises I feel it pick me up. Catapult […]

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